Monday, September 13, 2010

Spot: The Target Dog; Yogato; and Billionaires

Between classes I'm almost always at work or studying; so there hasn't been that much time for me to go out and enjoy myself. I work around 25-30 hours a week so far. It's really not bad- I love my job and I actually have a lot of opportunities to just do homework or read while I'm on the job. There are also just great people there who make it fun to be at work. Don't misunderstand - I am having a LOT of fun here and I'm not just some workaholic college kid who doesn't have any real friends. :P

Wednesday September 1st I work Target Takeover and I had a lot of fun there with my fellow workers. We got these really awesome black tshirts with a huge target symbol on them and we got to give away free stuff; which means in essence that we got to keep a TON of free things. I was at the Coca Cola Station and we gave out these cute little bottles of coca cola. They ran out fairly quickly and we spent the rest of our time wandering around the store helping out the other stands. I ended up taking home my payment of a $100 target gift card, 6-7 of the Target Takeover giftbags, 21 packs of orbit gum, and a case of 60 travel sized crest whitening toothpaste. It was ridiculous. I don't know what I'm going to do with all of this crap. I gave each of my suitemates a giftbag and I still have more than I can use. If anyone needs travelsized toothpaste drop me a comment. :DD And I have officially crossed gum OFF of my care package wishlist. I mean 21 packs? That's a tad ridiculous.

Target Takeover Moments - Spot and the Crest Whitening Stand (that's for you stephen :P) 

Rebecca and I went out last friday night. We went to Chipotle (which was a nice change of pace from all the sandwich places here) and then we went to an AMAZING fro-yo place called Mr.Yogato. It's a great place - the fro yo is out of this world, the prices aren't bad, the portions are HUGE, and they have all these silly rules which are awesome and get you discounts :DD Go visit this site for the rules of Yogato: It was so much fun- I was going to go with the original soft flavor but then I tried a free sample of the Fresh zac-o-berry (blackberry) and it was so delicious and refreshing that I had to get one. I got the MIDDLE size because I figured the LITTLE was probably really small but as it turns out a MIDDLE is like 12 ounces of Fro Yo which was MORE than enough for a stomach already full of oversized Chipotle burrito. It was the yummiest thing I have had here by far and I'm glad that I finally found something to love here that I can't get back home. Mr. Yogato also has such a small but pleasant atmosphere - there's only enough room for a couple of tables and when we were there the line took up most of the standing room. But there are stacks of old board games lying around and at least one of the tables always seems to have a group of people playing something. The line was super long but they gave us free samples and asked us to answer a trivia question to receive 10 percent off our order. The guy gave Rebecca and I a pretty easy one (that I really didn't even need my iphone for) - name the 5 countries that end with an L: Portugal, Senegal, Brazil, Nepal, and Israel. So that made the wait fun and the line went really quickly all things considered. Then Rebecca and I grabbed the only empty table by the only window and played Connect 4 while we enjoyed our fro-yo. She beat me when I stopped paying attention for a second. :P Darn it - just like being a kid again.

Then on Saturday after my 8 hour work day I went to the annual Fall Fest. I volunteered; so for the better part of an hour I just spent my time yelling at people to only grab one hotdog or one hamburger. I had to threaten to slap the ones who tried to take one of each, but in the end everyone paid attention and I made a new friend - my fellow volunteer Aziz. He's a native Arabic speaker and he has graciously offered to help me with my Arabic homework; something I will DEFINITELY be taking him up on. ;) I was getting tired by the time the actual concert portion of fall fest started and I was sad that I couldn't go backstage and actually meet Travie McCoy even though I was Fall Fest Staff. There was a DJ playing sub par prom type dance music for the first hour even though the fun tunes got old after about a milisecond. By the time Travie came on I was practically asleep - I had had to spend the entire last hour fighting to keep people from pushing past me since I'm so short and I had a great view where I was I didn't need any so called "TALL" people putting their fat heads in my line of vision. I mean they are TALL right? They don't need to bully their way past SHORT people such as myself. That's a jerk move. For those of you who are reading this thinking, "Who the heck is Travie McCoy anyways?" He was the leader singer for Gym Class Hero's who who are mostly famous for Cookie Jar and Cupid Chokehold. He is also the singer of that repetitive song that's always playing on the radio these days, Billionaire. I for one really love him. His music is fun and catchy with pretty good lyrics about 90% of the time. He's a really down to earth guy too - He was so fun and easy going at the concert. I honestly felt as though I could be friends with him if I met him on the street one day. It was awesome. I had the BEST time - and it was free so that was AMAZING. I didn't stay for the second artist, Wale from DC (who apparently did a song with Gaga though I'm not familiar with his work), because I didn't really know who he was and unlike the native Washingtonians I didn't have some insane love for him. But Travie McCoy was awesome and for my first concert it was a GREAT time!



And to top off Labor Day weekend Rebecca and I made a trip to the National Gallery of Art (I had to go for a class thing). We didn't actually go through my assigned section, Beat Memories, because it was a bore; but we had a great time going through there collection of european art. We took the metro to the Smithsonian stop and then walked about 3/4ths of a mile to the museum's west gallery. I must say this trip gave me a breathtaking view of the city. It was sunny and not extremely hot and when you walk out of the metro station there is a beautiful view of the Smithsonians, the Washington Monument, and the capitol completely unobstructed. It is so beautiful and majestic that I got my first view of DC that left me speechless. I felt so refreshed and energized and I got some pretty great pics on my phone. It was so wonderful.




This week I have had much less trouble getting around; I feel as though I have finally gotten used to all the walking. It doesn't really tire me out anymore and the weather has been great these last few days. Highs in the low 80's and the average temperature in the low 70's. Perfect. :D

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