Thursday, September 16, 2010

HOME SWEET HOME in bite sized portions

So I've been asked to create a post that involves stuff I miss from home/ things I could use/ places I go alot so that those of you who want to send me something while I'm here kind of get an idea of what would be most appreciated. I want to make it clear that I am NOT asking you to send me stuff, I know that many of you have enough financial obligations on your plates and trust me I have never understood the definition of BROKE better than I do now. :D 

For those of you who ARE interested in sending me a LETTER now and then or any form of "care" package you are of course welcome to do so and I can't wait to hear from you (I love letters and drawings from little kids especially :D) Here is my address: 

GW University Potomac House
2021 F ST NW
Room 705
Washington DC, 20052

As long as you all put that it will get to me (don't forget the city and zip code - that has already happened to someone I know and its just embarrassing :P)

Now, here are those things/ places I go/ things I miss/ whatever:

  • Mr. Yogato (they don't take my student card) Mr.Yogato Gift Cards for gift cards 
  • Potbelly's (awesome sandwiches and sugar cookies) Potbelly Gift Cards click the link to order gift cards
  • Subway
  • Bertucci's (my roommate and I go here about every other week cause its the only real sit down place on campus) Bertucci's gift cards
  • Target 
  • Tomato and Basil Wheat Thins 
  • AMC gift cards - it's the only theater on campus even though its like a mile from me 
  • CVS pharmacy - they are all over campus 
  • Starbucks - when it gets cold I'm definitely going to need starbucks gift cards 
  • Barnes and Noble (Best comfort ever) 
  • T.G.I Friday's (it's right on the far edge of campus but it's the only other sit down restaurant in the five mile vicinity) 
  • Pistacio's 
  • Sugary Chex Mix (MISD makes a really good one for some staff development occasions in the PDC and I would PAY money to get my hands on their recipe) 
  • Sugared nuts 
  • Mexican Food (okay so no one can really send me something to fix that but I miss it SOOOO much) 
  • Trader Joes (I'm not sure you can get a gift card here unless you buy it in a store so Idk if anyone can help me here) 
  • Papa John's and Domino's are the two pizza places on campus 
  • Rice Krispy Treats 
  • McCalister's toffee cookies (I would LOVE some of their toffee cookies) XD 
  • 7-11 - There is one right down the street from me 
  • Flavored hot chocolate (for when it gets cold) 
  • Chick fil A gift cards 
  • Clementines (weird I know - but hey - they can be shipped. It's hard to find good produce here and the target in DC doesn't have fresh produce for another two months. 
Anything from this list or just something you think of is always welcome. I'll be very grateful to hear from you guys or to receive something. Thank for reading. 
Love you all,