Thursday, March 31, 2011

Springtime for Hitler... Just kidding.

While this is not Nazi Germany or a New York Broadway stage, I definitely feel as though this dreary weather is perfect for hitler. It's grey and raining and I haven't seen the sun in ages. Now don't get me wrong - I've experienced a few good days so far... days where a long sleeved shirt and jeans is really all you need to go outside and be comfortable. But I can't even believe that I am saying that constitutes a NICE day. Back home this time of year its warm and sunny and almost all of the winter clothing has been laid to rest for the year. The east coast is VERY different. It;s about to be April 1st and I haven't gone outside in short sleeves since september. Today I wore my pullover sweater and jeans and I was shivering all the way to class and back. Now I'm not saying that I necessarily like it better one way or the other. I might lean a little on the East coast side - at least it's not sweltering for 8 months a year here. But at the same time I miss the warmth, and I've never had to deal with such dreary conditions for so long. Our winters in Mesquite Texas are so much shorter...
I will say that I miss home very much. I miss the food, the weather, the driving, and of course I miss all of you who are back there very much. I haven't been home since January 9th and it feels like its been forever since I've seen the great state of Texas. Sad days.
Anyway, I just wanted to touch bases with you all since I know I've done a rather terrible job of keeping up with this blog. But I said I would blog and I will darn it! Even if that means months and months of no posts I won't abandon this until I don't have any choice. I always keep my word.
So I've spent the last few months since the National Book Festival in a wave of activity. I have had the opportunity to travel all around the east coast, and I've met the coolest people along the way. From theatre managers and security in Philadelphia's chinatown, to sound and light crew and a really really nice T-shirt salesman and his son in Pittsburgh, to my roommates wonderful family in Boston, and more; I have been truly blessed by the people I've met. They all made my journeys fun and helped me get around to where I needed to be.
I have also been to NYC six times since December to see Tosin. We've had the best time together. Here are some of our more incredible escapades:

  • THE CLOISTERS in Upper Manhattan - absolutely breathtaking. 
  • THE COMEDY CELLAR - one of the most famous comedy clubs in the world, and we've made the most incredible and hilarious friends there. It's now a permanent stop every time I'm in the city. 
  • Seeing NEXT TO NORMAL before it went off broadway. It was one of the most breath-taking and heart-wrenching plays I have ever seen. Beautiful and masterfully written. It won a pulitzer prize. I know it's going on tour soon and if you get a chance don't pass it up. I can't really say much about it without giving it all away (don't google it because if you do it'll be ruined for you) and part of the pleasure is the surprise. I have never been in an audience that was so in sync. We laughed and cried and gasped together in unison. It was... wow. 
  • Seeing COMEDY OF ERRORS at the BAM theatre in Brooklyn. It was an all male cast and they were hilarious! It was the best production of Comedy of Errors I have ever seen. I love that play so much. Shakespeare was a genius. 
  • MASALA TIMES - We discovered this gem on a whim. It's close to the Comedy Cellar, Tosin's dorm, and the most amazing little homemade indonesian paper store I've ever been too. It's delicious Indian food and the bollywood theme is hilariously well played. You must eat there.
And of course no NYC trip is complete without the street vendor food, the shopping, and the getting lost in the maze of the city. It's wonderful. I have never been to a city that grabs my heart and soul the way the big apple does.

And currently I am dealing with more serious matters like a trip to the ER and bank issues and such, which I don't feel like getting into.

Well that's all the updates I want to give right now. Hope you're all safe wherever you may be.